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In early times, the internet was just introduced to exchange small volume of data. However, the gradual changes in the usage of the internet brought on by entrepreneurial and social media, the old same modernization is now being used for a wide variety of functions which no one has ever expected. The most glamorous of this innovation is known as software or web applications. Quoting Jesse James Garrett, president and co-founder of Adaptive Path, which deals with Web applications, and author of the book ‘The Elements of User Experience’ says that “All the cool, innovative new inventions are online”. Yes, it is. A new trend of solving problems is opening up the world in which online applications will definitely dominate.

The traditional way of software works in such a way that when you do something on your end, a request for a change in data is sent to the server at the other end. Once the server gets the data, it processes and does communicate to various systems and reverts with an HTML page to you. This all takes time indeed. In fact, companies use techniques of combining multiple software elements to change the way every data is retrieved when users request for it. Google uses multiple programs to fetch data from around virtually without any delay.

At a first glance, custom software development or software as a service (SaaS) outsourcing trend may seem inconsistent with the application economy trend. It is no wonder that technology and trends are evolving fast. The greatest efficiency increased automation and user friendliness; this makes an application rule over fad. Some of the technical evolution is the use of language in coding. There are now a counting number of frameworks like AngularJS, Ember Kendo, Sacha and much more, already implemented to handle individual events rather than building a full page from scratch. Component driven web apps are ready in the market with cross-platform development for mobile /tablet world using technologies like PhoneGap, NativeScript etc.

Current trend and solution provided by software Development Company

The demand of software development or web application development has gone high and cross development platform performs as a catalyst to it. Even though it is apparent for game development and complex mobile application development, but non-game apps can be built using these hybrid application development tools with the standard user interfaces and APIs included.

As everyone knows, people prefer to use mobile or tablets to check any websites or applications. Hence, companies have to find an alternative way to go with a mobile application without an investment of time and money. Here comes a hybrid application development.

Going forward, PaaS solutions are taking a hold now as enterprise companies realize the difficulty in developing complex applications. There are few companies which have implemented heuristic designs for the IT implementations which in turn IoT (Internet of Things) comes in picture. Along with IoT, Big data and its analysis are long used in a number of ways typically in corporate sectors, healthcare and even in politics too. Acceleration of DevOps adoption made this evolution looks easier. DevOps expertise required to simplify more integrated functions and move to a large amount of data to the cloud.

The future of software is automation

Similar to DevOps, designers are no longer hand off their designs to web developers; instead, they exercise total control over a design to the user experience. This allows companies to spend time more on the innovations which in turn refined applications that ever before. One the other side, it benefits to end user and increases the rate of adoption. Every industry is in the process of automation from agriculture, finance, healthcare etc. IoT also plays a vital role in the transformation of businesses automation. All big companies like Google, Yahoo and Tesla target fully automated systems using their collective energy and vision in areas of automation.

To summarize, most of the organizations will implement intelligent based solutions to improve the user experience and ease the process. Software development companies make sure to take smart technological initiatives to new heights to exceed customer expectations.

Understand customer pain point precisely and educate them – Key for bespoke software

What pushed your customers to visit your website or contact you? To put it simply, they have encountered a problem, a real pain point which drove them to your website. Any company needs to find what their website visitor’s problem; you pay attention to them by starting your customer relationship.

There are many companies who do technical consultancy and software development in the current software development and web application development market. But, we feel that there is a lack of good companies which is the biggest problem in the industry. AgileTech delivers a consistent and seamless experience for each function to fit desired business needs as most businesses adopt the omnichannel approach. Our professionals possess a combination of business and technical skills which help AgileTech to fulfill the requirement as per customer expectation. AgileTech gathers requirement for software development, web application development or any related requirement through detailed study in the context of a resultant business impact, assessing the consequences of all choices in relation to the broader business goals.

Just to reiterate our article heading, we believe that web and software will rule the world and so AgileTech facilitates it with better customer experience. Get your web or software stuff from us and shape a better web/software for all. Feel free to chime in below; we’d love to hear from you!

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