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You’ve been told that this is a game-changer approach in the field of Information Technology, but do you know how really it helps your business? To put it simply, cloud solutions allow you to store, manage and process your data using the availability of internet instead of investing space and storage in your own premises. Don’t wonder! It may seem like a new buzzword, but you have already used cloud platforms before as Emails (such as Gmail & Hotmail), social media (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), CRM tools (salesforce) ad also SaaS solutions (Office 365) and collectively some applications called Google cloud platforms, virtual private network etc.

You might know that cloud solution benefits are evident in a long-term business. Like so many ‘IT’ questions, the answer for the cloud solution is ‘it depends’. If you are happy to keep your business growth the same way as the last year and not focused to cut expenses, then you can keep everything ‘on premises’. Some say that cloud is not safe if there are any unique compliance requirements, but technology evangelists say that cloud provider can meet your security requirements better than your small team can, probably for very less cost.

Advanced IT solutions grant many companies (small or big) an affordable cloud technology with a competitive advantage. It does eliminate the need to deploy expensive setup on premises and also increase operational productivity. It gives access to enterprise technology and product to compete with the best in your industry.

This article is for you if you own a business, let it be anything from construction, healthcare, IT, Finance etc. Let’s talk about Benefits of Cloud Based Solutions.

Upfront cost savings

There are plenty of reasons why businesses migrate to the cloud, but the most seen benefit is the initial investment.  Back to 20 years, organizations used to buy hardware, software, and licenses which required installing by a technical team and maintaining the system with continuous support. As long as an organization is capable of affording an IT team and expensive stuff, this is a burden of investment to small organizations. Cloud computing solves this issue. It runs on an affordable ‘pay as you go’ or subscription based model. In other words, organizations don’t need to install setup physically, you can run your core businesses using the internet and deploying on cloud servers.

Collaboration and accessibility

It has come as easier as you can access any cloud materials from anywhere using any device with a web browser. Also, your crew can literally be on the same page and work simultaneously on a document or whatever it is, if it allows in a cloud platform. Cloud solutions allow keeping your desktop at your fingertip. NO to sending documents through emails and get it done with a lot of dependencies. To conclude, you or our employees can access, edit the required stuff remotely and simultaneously and no surprise that you can get the best output in a day which in turn your better efficiency of the team.

99.99% uptime and minimum downtime

According to Gartner research, cloud providers guarantee 99.99% of uptime, which means less than 3 minutes per month. Clearly, this is a flattering moment. Cloud deployment and solutions not only offer business continuity but also speedy disaster recovery solutions, and make sure those systems are well-maintained and no damages physically.

Encrypted security storage

There is news that your data storage is not secured on the cloud, but that’s a misconception. You can make sure and know where the data is stored, how it is encrypted and who can get it with authorized accessibility. Cloud computing allows you to access data, no matter what happens to your physical device, and trash data from your lost device so that there is no leakage of data to reach in wrong individuals.


As your business demands grow, cloud servers have an option to upgrade your resources quickly, without buying new expensive hardware. The best example is the way Alibaba expands its business. Jack Ma said once that “If Walmart wants 10,000 new customers, they have to build a new warehouse and this and that. For me: two servers”. Yes, that means a lot. Alibaba can scale its business far cheaper than Walmart can. It’s that low-cost expansion that has enabled Alibaba to dominate entire industries.

Faster, Easier & Environment-friendly

Along with the installation of software and licensing, cloud providers also take care of maintenance and upgrading hardware, taking the complete responsibility off from you. Moreover, migrating to the cloud is not a selfish act. You do good to nature. You only use the energy that is required and scale up and down whenever it demands.

How you benefit from it?

Small business

Cloud-based solutions can power up your business by leveraging enterprise-class solutions.  Within your budget, you can utilize cloud solutions probably the best in the market and also much better than what you build from scratch. SMBs could embrace cloud-based solutions so that they can focus on their core competencies and improve their own business without any delay.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Enterprise companies are capable of developing and deploying IT solution on premises, but it doesn’t mean that they want to. Enterprises could focus on this applications or services which need continuous customization on premises, and leverage cloud based solution for standard applications like CRM, Emails, etc.

Whether you are more inclined to choose on-premises solutions or cloud-based solutions, it doesn’t limit you to prefer both in one go. There are times when both solutions go inline to you with respect to your requirement. The major thing to be considered is that on-premises solutions may need large investments to make it better usability, where cloud solutions get for minimum investment. AgileTech assists customers by providing cloud based solutions such as cloud deployment, integrations, IT administration and technical support.

AgileTech is a channel-focused company in ICT industry with lots of partners worldwide helping out small to medium and enterprise level companies. By performing a thorough study and taking a look at you specific needs, we can suggest you which solution suits and get off to a good start. Cloud based solutions are just a few capabilities that we provide. Reach out to us to know more about our expertise. We would be happier to assist you in person!

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