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Construction ERP Software

Project Description

Construction ERP software was deployed for one of our clients who has a construction business verticle. With our experience working with construction companies, we have a thorough knowledge how people work and required for an ERP software in Qatar. Our suggested ERP software allows the management team to analyze historical performance of data for planning and forecasting the business down the line.

Project Details

Client Qatar, Confidential

Skills Construction ERP Software, SaaS ERP Software, Cloud based ERP Software

Construction ERP Software in Qatar

The deployment of the suggested ERP software in Qatar was through cloud based on a SaaS model. The given system allows users to quickly access through the allocated computer or mobile device using their login credentials. As we see now, there is a fantastic improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations from the day one they started using ERP Software.

The comprehensive solution allows the management team to get an accurate, efficient reports as well as costing on one single platform. Job Costing management module helps the workers to update their timesheet easily. On the other side, HR team can actively follow the schedules and proceed payment based on the effort put in by each worker.

The system also supports to automate and manage multi-location and inter-company accounting so that senior management team can view every transaction on same dashboard and allocate budget accordingly.

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