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The switch from usage on desktop to laptops and mobile phones has been a drastic. As per  ‘We are social’ reports, the mobile users crossed 5 billion  and unlike what specialists have predicted, mobile apps development in Qatar is taking the peak and no bubble nor it as an impermanent trend destined to run out. Mobile apps development started rolling out when there was a demand of location based apps, and advanced now to virtual and augmented reality in the industry. In fact, STATISTA says mobile apps are expected to generate around $200 billion as global revenue by the year 2020.

Gaining the best momentum in Qatar and Arab region for mobile application development, whether native mobile apps or hybrid mobile apps, mainly for any kind of businesses, 2019 and coming years are likely to bring about an even brighter future for mobile app development in Qatar. Either we see new mobile app development trends / concepts or continue to evolve the existing features to propagate the run. With 5G network already built in place in Qatar, the realm of mobile app development in Qatar will set notch higher in the market. Some of the key areas we expect to improve a lot in the mobile app development stream as follow:

  1. Progressive web apps

To put it simple, progressive web apps are web pages that load regular like web pages or websites, but offer the functionality such as working offline, push notifications, access to device hardware that available only to native apps development. There are companies such as twitter, Forbes, Fandango, Alibaba who have extensively used this method of development. Progressive web applications have allowed the organizations to bridge the gap between their native apps and website users resulting in catalyzing the user acquisition on both iOS and Android mobile apps.

Progressive Web Apps in Qatar

More and more companies like above are moving toward progressive web apps and seeing results which we expect best to come in 2019.

  • Rise in the demand for wearable devices and IOT

The rise smart devices and internet of things are ushering in a new era of vastly improved performance in the world of construction, supply chain management, smart factories etc. IOT devices help companies to improve their productivity and efficiency while increasing engagement within and out of organization that differentiates from their competitors and revenue seamlessly. It leverages technologies including cellular connectivity as far more efficient, productive and profitable than their non-connected counterparts.

Looking forward to FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar, Ooredoo   has announced that Qatar is leading in global 5G and IoT innovations, transforming to digital experience the best way. As per global forecast projections, IoT industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 21.6% in another 5-10 years. Including smart city concept in The Lusail city Qatar, mobile app development services in Qatar today have experienced a demand in development of not only mobile apps, but also for smart homes, smart devices to analyze activity patterns, count calories, assessing quality and efficient way of consuming products etc to take mobile app development services in Qatar a next level.

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality will influence mobile strategies
Augmented reality & virtual reality in Qatar

As we saw the recent campaign by Ooredoo on Augmented reality has hit the customers, which fulfilled the expectations of users to experience the new technology. Another peak is in the education sector where study will never be boring anymore in Qatar. The arrival of virtual and augmented reality education turns teachers in Qatar soon be swapping to meet the imagination of students from primary class to any level of education. Hence, the future of AR and VR technologies remains wide open and recommended to businesses that have user interaction in the flow of apps created.

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Today, every business’s motto is to attain more users and retain the existing users. How do you expect machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the business? Yes, we have much more than expected to innovate and eventually improvise the business model.

  • Trend forecasting
  • Security login/ authentication
  • Predict user behavior quickly
  • Advanced searching tools/ methods
  • Personalization of services and products

ML & AI are going to be one thing in Qatar that differentiates the normal business apps to premium ones.

  • Mobile app security to gain extra attention

It’s not new! But, the evolution of mobile app security is immense since there are couple of issues happened with Uber, Facebook and some other big shots across the globe. The cyber-security experts have been working on the improvements in the recent years and sure shot it will come in effect by this year or coming years.

  • Beacons technology

The beacons technology has been around since the IOT and smart devices came in effect. It will continue to progress and efficient in size and effect of devices to make it more compatible for every use. We can expect beacon-enabled airports/museums/shopping malls, payment management systems, and more into personal use in day to day lives. So, the trends will be to create more efficient way to integrate with mobile app developments and sharing of information better than ever.

  • Chatbots will be integral
Chatbots development in Qatar

STATISTA reports say that global Chatbots are going to be crucial for any business in the coming years and projected to grow to around 5 billion QAR by 2025, surprisingly a growth of 0.5 million from 2016. As everyone knows, Chatbots acts like a virtual assistant to businesses within the online mobile apps. With advancement of AI, 2019 will see more evolution in the Chat bots concept and extend the best new way of customer relationship management.

Summing up!

What once being termed as not real is now the future of tech industry. As we forward to another year, we are curious to see all mobile app development in Qatar that will enhance the Arab region’s technology growth highly!

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