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Identifying the best ERP software company for your business is little tricky when you are not very specific about the technology and not aware of good options. No wonder that you get hundreds of results when you search online for ERP products. You probably experienced an overwhelming number of options available from different providers in a different range in price. Now, what’s the key to find a perfect solution for your business whether the requirement is for Construction ERP software, Trading ERP Software, real estate management ERP software, manufacturing ERP software, Retail ERP software or custom ERP software? To put it simply, the clarity on the requirement of ERP Software and specific use of it will ease the entire process of ERP Software implementation and then utilize the maximum benefits out of it.

Based on the availability of ERP software companies across the globe especially in the Middle East countries, there are multiple options to choose where you need an ERP that is strictly solving your existing issues or immediate needs but also has the ability to scale up whenever needed. Or you could go for an ERP which can be employed globally fulfilling your internal stakeholder needs.

ERP Software Implementation Process Agile Tech Qatar

Regardless of which ERP software product that you use, it is recommended to discuss internally before you approach best ERP Software Company who either provide ERP product as a service or custom ERP Software.

  1. Are you looking for a full-fledged ERP software or just each module for now?

As we know, the key players in the organization should be aware the business drivers for ERP inside the organization. When we look at high-level, some companies need ERP software to centralize entire process into ERP system or some just need specific modules to keep the transparency of process to the management team. Some of the industry wise ERP software are given below.

  • Construction ERP Software
  • Trading ERP Software
  • Retail ERP software
  • Real Estate ERP Software
  • Rent A Car ERP Software
  • Ready-Mix ERP Software
  • Oil and Gas ERP Software
  • Manufacturing ERP Software
  • School management ERP Software
  • Distribution ERP Software
  • Custom ERP Software Development

On the other hand, companies seem to choose a specific module to enhance its efficiency of the process. Some of the key specific modules used in one-one selling.

  • HR Software module
  • Procurement ERP module
  • Finance and Accounts ERP module
  • Inventory management ERP module
  • Sales & Marketing ERP module etc.

There are so many companies who just implement one module and run other functions normally. This is why tightly focusing on your business requirements will give a better clarity in facilitating the decision making process.

  1. Does your company require to integrate ERP to the existing software?

It is very common that some companies need to integrate new ERP to the existing software. The integration could be from a Microsoft office or large data from any data automation kit, you may need an ERP Software capable of integrating with current running applications.

An integrated ERP Software is capable of linking all information in the daily operations to make the entire administration process easier. This feature extends to store all data in one database and generate reports collectively. This improves the real time access of information where every user/ data will always be on the same page.

  1. Do you own different businesses?

ERP Software for all business Agile Tech QatarAs per research in Qatar, Agile Tech has seen that one business person owns multiple businesses and diversified set of assets now and in the future. Implementing the best ERP Software which is scalable and productive, a large diversified business can be managed. This is scalability becomes more important, excels the overall view of different businesses.

You need to also ensure that the specific ERP Software meets Industry specific security and compliance methods. Say, construction ERP Software requires task management system where Trading ERP system doesn’t. Identify the key parameters in every business and go for the ROI calculations assessments is the right way to choose your ERP tool for multiple businesses.

  1. Importance of Reports and Dashboard

ERp Software Reports QatarA very high standard reports tool is very highly recommended for your any business to identify the trends/ ups and downs, cost tracking, monitor sales team, financial reports etc. As everyone knows, this information is very critical for the success of any business and requires an ERP system which offers informative reports to the senior management team or any authorized person.

An ERP software should allow the designated person to create graphics reports, customized reports, charts, etc to allow a real-time view of a data at deeper levels. The end result is to make necessary actions to increase productivity seeing the progress/results.

  1. What support/price do you expect from the vendor?

ERP software best price in QatarFinally, when you list out all the requirements and call demo from ERP software company, it is to see the ‘look & feel’ of the product. Once that is done, now we enter into the commercial discussion. Having said, you will get any range of price from different providers. Price is always a great factor in the evaluation stage. Most ERP companies offer outright purchase or licensing of an entire suite or individual modules, or cloud-based subscriptions based on use. It depends on whether the software is a Web based model or desktop application (Windows based application).

The second element of decision is based on ROI (Return on Investment) for the ERP system.  Cost doesn’t bring you quality service, but quality service definitely demands good resources and competitive price. However, the end result is to identify your own key performance indicators and develop your business strategy with better ROI calculations and assessments.

What’s Next?   

Make the Right Choice

The background, past clients, financial health of an ERP company are essential factors in choosing the best service. Being the best ERP development company in Qatar, Agile Tech understands that every unique requirement of customers with the different industry of if the requirement is to implement full-fledged modules. We provide end to end ERP Software modules such as Finance and Accounts module, Inventory, HR Software module, Procurement ERP module, Sales & Marketing ERP module etc. Also, we help any industry by providing a package of ERP software, say Construction ERP Software, Retail ERP Software, Trading ERP Software etc.

Regardless of any ERP software you choose, it requires investing a significant amount of time and resources for requirement gathering. The typical ERP solution lasts for more than two decades which is considered an investment for the company rather than a liability. So, pick the one which addresses your specific requirement. All the best!

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