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The future direction of website development advances through technology and it becomes rooted into every aspect of our daily lives. Users are more demanding the user experience rather than just a flashy design. The fact is that design matters a lot, but web designers no longer just make websites look elegant. We see that users demand better user experience, technically the flow of user stories. In short, the concept of traditional web design & development is fading away. As Eric A. Meyer, an American web design consultant and the author stated in a recent Offscreen magazine says that he prefers to call himself as an “experience designer” rather than just a web designer. This explains the importance of web user experience itself. 

Comparing to the designs from 20 years ago, the term web design is an understatement now, especially the way it evolved tremendously. The pioneers of web design would be surprised to see the progress it has taken from the static websites to IOT and futuristic developments. In fact, the change in design, as well as thoughts happened recently. Our recent study shows that web design and development companies take more time to finalize the sketch these days and sometimes user arises with iterations to materialize the design.

Experience design as a human-centered approach

Experience design is based on research about how humans want to interact on websites or an application which is very different from the traditional web design and development. The new way of work around is to make easier for user-friendly from the human-centered approach.

The principle to develop a user-friendly application is matured by user feedback. Product owners usually release a beta version to get maximum feedback and reviews from the audience. Until you have feedback from your target customers, in whatever way, you just guess what is best or what is not. A smart web designer applies his experience and research to set the base from user feedback and expand it on innovative ideas. Along with it, web developer considers for Responsive design which is always a dominant factor and one of the most effective ways of achieving a good UX in web development.

As mentioned in the above image, the diversion on each road helps people to shorten their distance to reach the goal. The same strategy applies here. An experience is all about creating a journey for the user. A visit to your website should be a smooth journey for your end customer and especially to the CTA (Call to Action) buttons. Think that every design element has a purpose to it in today’s web design methodology.

Bringing new energy to website design and development

Designs of today might just be redundant after some months given the pace of development and evolving needs of the businesses and web development industry. To cater to this, business owners need website development companies that operate at a different level and adopt a methodology which enhances growth excellence and multi-faceted development of the business. With its world-class expertise in web development and application development, Agile Tech is regarded as one of the Qatar’s top website design and development companies with high standards in the coding and design aspects. Agile Tech is expanding their wings to the Middle East and seeking for clients across the globe. 

In a simpler way, user experience bridges ‘design’ and ‘business’. The right time to change your website to the modern look and experience has come now. Experience design brings a feel to where people are, be it on their mobile phone or their laptop. It fulfills the expectations of people in an easy manner and tries to create an instant connection between the user and the business. We say that a website with perfect user experience and effective user stories should probably the most powerful first step of creating a great business – customer relationship and even creates a character to your way of business.

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