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HR management software can help companies to manage their most valuable asset; their people. It allows improving and streamlining employee management and further activities that are relevant to it. The foundation or traditional tools are minimal required to run any corporate functions and broadly it has divided into six categories.

  • Recruitment management
  • Attendance/ Shift management
  • Employee Information management
  • Visa/Passport control
  • Employee Amenities
  • General Administration                            
  • Corporate Relations management          
Recruitment management
  • Vacancy details
  • Media advertisements
  • Candidate CV entries
  • Interview schedules and call letters
  • Candidate assessment
  • Issue of offer letters
Attendance/ Shift management
  • Time office (Biometric/Manual)
  • Shift management
  • Overtime schedules
  • Wages management
  • Leaves management
Employee Information management
  • Employee Registration
  • Residential Status details
  • Profile update (Family/Previous experience)
  • Employee training
  • Employee documentation/ Photo Storage
  • Driving license control/ Reminders
  • Employee Service record
  • Service Termination
Visa/Passport control
  • Passport control
  • Visa details/status update
  • Visa/Passport expiry reminders
  • Immigration details
  • Request/update of Exit permit
Employee Amenities
  • SIM card allocation/De-allocation
  • Mobile allocation/De-allocation
  • Accommodation management
  • Vehicle allocations
  • Fuel card allocations/Tracking
  • Other allocations
General Administration & Corporate Relations management                             
  • Certificates (Trade/Fire/Health etc.)
  • Guest’s official visit
  • Chamber of commerce registration
  • Municipality permits
  • Security passes
  • Vehicle documents (Registration/management)
  • Sign boards
  • Building (Rental/Allocation/manage/details)

Core HR tools are expected to function in the initial stage of business, followed by good investment in a 2-3 year down the line, companies have to plan a roadmap. Build out HR software that employees can use to collaborate and participate each other through online and wave off errors in the registry. Here is an example of how HR software dashboard looks like: 

HR software sample

The HR software system is necessary for companies of all sizes, whether they operate locally or globally. Keeping track of labor, forecasting labor requirements, facilitating day to day employee management and providing financial reporting to the accounting department are essential components to company operations. With the ability to cut costs, save time and increase productivity, an HR system is an investment that companies will long reap benefit from. It is definitely a value addition to your workplace for sure. Reach out to us for more details and we can suggest the best feasible solution for your organization irrespective of any scale.

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