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Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud Infrastructure and Security Solutions help to optimize your IT environment and accelerate your journey to take full advantage of cloud computing platforms. We consult, Deliver, Maintain & Enhance!

Amazon Web Services

Amazon has a full range of cloud computing services offering on-demand instances in a range of any sizes to specialized services like Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), which is a hosted version of the Hadoop platform based on EC2 and S3. Cluster GPU Instances that bring high-performance computing and specialized graphics processing unit (GPU) computing to public cloud users.  The storage offerings are a wide range of S3 block storage, reduced redundancy storage, EBS, and high-performance solid state drives. Though AWS is primarily known as an IaaS, currently it has a mix of both PaaS and IaaS solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Started as a lead player in PaaS provider, now Azure also offers IaaS as well. Agile Tech offers bespoke cloud solutions for the Microsoft Azure environment and integrates it easily with organization’s IT infrastructure. Providing highly secure connections, encrypted data and robust solutions, the best cloud solutions provider in Qatar ensures you that your data is secure. Microsoft Azure has Started as a lead player in PaaS provider, now Azure solutions also offer IaaS as well.


Why you should go for Cloud computing solutions?

Here we go with our findings:

Agile Tech understands that, the usage of cloud computing in Qatar market will grow sharply and usage of users becomes triple in the coming three years.

Pay as you go

Pay for whatever the consumption is.

Easy Implementation

No more headaches on hardware maintenance and implementation.


Proactive monitoring and up-to-date server patches enabled.

Less initial investment

Availability & Convenience

Meet actual requirement specification using Cloud solutions.


Scale up or down based on your requirement.


Every data is stored in secure data-centers rather than on your employee’s laptops. Data recovery and backup made easy.

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