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How we WORK

We ensure increased business value by delivering projects with complete transparency and fulfilling expectations.

Our AGILE Methodology

The importance of proper planning and guidance from management ensure the successful delivery of web and software development projects in Qatar. We follow agile development methodology for our web/software development services that aligns with SCRUM irrespective of any IT projects, hence our well documented approach is much recommended.

We build solutions which solve customer problems. Every result is customer oriented!


Requirement Analysis

Our focus is always suggesting the best fit solution for our clients. Especially to Qatar and Middle East market, we take the effort to do a thorough business analysis & brainstorm ideas sitting with clients to finalize the requirement and take the next step. We take inputs from our technical team to make sure that it is doable.

Strategy & Design

A dedicated team starts working on project scope developing the wireframes and designs the pages. A project plan with service deliverables will be shared to the client team forecasting the timeline of the project. We will be engaging with customer to ensure that we’re creating a user experience of design which is easy to use.


Starts with well-structured database design & architecture, a dedicated project manager allocates a team for implementation of features.  Since we use Agile Development Methodology, every module is based on the planned sprints which client can evaluate in every milestone.



Dedicated software testers are involved in every milestone delivery. We make sure that every code is tested along with compiling the feature so that no major bugs in the delivery. We follow unit case testing, integration testing, functional testing and final testing before delivery of the project to the client. Clients are allowed to review the code and suggest the best use cases in the entire process.

Deployment & Delivery

Every milestone delivery is followed with a demo scheduled with the customer. We walk through the features and make sure that it is inline to what discussed in the requirement analysis stage. For deployment, we have expertise in AWS, Azure, Heroku, VPS/ Cloud platforms and version controls can be managed through GitHub.

Maintenance & AMC Plans

Based on the AMC plans suggested, a team will address all issues and troubleshoot with SLA given. Agile Tech will give options to clients like Email, contact number and escalation points etc. utilities.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Engagement Models

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