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Qatar is considered as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In fact, it has the highest per capita income and a very high standard living, dominates the industrial sector particularly in energy. This abundance of natural resources coupled with recent economic diversification, legal liberalization, and a burgeoning economy mean that there are many opportunities for investment in Qatar. These opportunities have been greatly nurtured by the government of Qatar to reach their goals set for 2022 Football World Cup. They welcome foreign investors richly to make sure that targets are achieved before the given timeline.

Government officials have explicitly told to extend its business activities to reduce the current dependencies on oil and energy. If anyone who says that businesses “run itself” probably incurs a great debt of gratitude for themselves, but small initiatives of software and web services will tirelessly feed the business from behind the scenes. In the interest of this, AgileTech gives you some technical tips which will perform as a catalyst for your business.

1. Website Development

From developing an idea to business, it takes a lot of effort and time for any individual or group to reach a business settled. First and foremost, a website is your frontend of business. Of course, not every business needs software which listed down, but a website is something which you need to start off before you take the first step. It is very easy to get a website up as you will discover many companies who provide website development, website design and also labeled as website Development Company. Owing to the most trending advancements in IT, web development now becomes an active medium in every competitive market. Refer another article which explains the importance of user experience & Design along with best trends in the website design and development. Email and cloud solutions are recommended along with the website development. Being a software and hardware service provider, AgileTech fulfills our client’s full-fledged website requirement.

2. ERP software

When you don’t have easy access to information about your business, then ERP is meant for you. The key to business success is in the efficiency of stakeholders. With an ERP system, any designated person can get a holistic view of business operations at any time. Rather than adding more complexity to the existing system, it is recommended to use an effective ERP platform to manage your team which in turn your business. Whether you are looking for a cloud ERP system or custom made, take a look at best ERP Development Company to have a better understanding of your business. AgileTech gives you flexibility in business consultancy and assistance to choose the best for you.

3. CRM & Invoice software

As the name implies, CRM is software which designed to help businesses to build and maintain the relationship with new and existing customers. AgileTech believes that a CRM software development gives an organization all the tools necessary to grow business in a centralized system with possible information automated. It can help you to save money and making your crew efficient.

Going forward, an efficient invoice system cannot be understated. In fact, the quicker you convert your business through CRM systems, the quicker you can generate an invoice which turns you get paid soon. Seriously, it helps massive positive impact on cash-flow.  Efficient invoice system will automatically compile the costs, quotes, and later submit reports to the accounts team for better visibility of work. Above are just a few ways that CRM and invoice system greatly improve the growth of your business.

4. Google Apps for Work

You are probably well-known to Google-based cloud apps; Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, Calendar etc. It has positioned itself as an alternative to Microsoft Office 365, Google apps for work has many features that make it competitive in the market. Its robust security features with cheap price and cloud-based interface make it the one office productivity suite that every SMB want to buy and use.

5. PoS software for B2C/B2B business

Are you still running your business taking orders using a pen and paper, or simple spreadsheet? Now, you take a step to install PoS software. You will be surprised seeing the results as it gives you complete flexibility in the business in terms of eliminating human error, Know your Return on investment, stock details, an easy checkout process and moreover improve efficiency in entire operations of business. A PoS software development provides affordable automation solution which makes easy to use and simple to implement.

Growing a business is a matter of how you put effective strategies. But, the recommended must have tools can increase the technological capability of your business, rise own efficiency and growth hack your way to success. AgileTech is specialized to provide solutions to Qatar market, but these suggestions are also applicable to other countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman etc. Reach out to a business consultancy company or directly to us to know more custom solutions for your business!

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